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Moderator's Corner

Greetings from the Moderator

It is with the joy of Jesus that I greet you as the Moderator of the Spartanburg County Baptist Association where the mission is to serve.

Being recently elected to serve this great body of churches, I thank God for His gracious hand that has guided me this far on the journey. This Christian Pilgrimage is one of love, commitment, loyalty, and dedication to the One who has purchased our salvation, Christ the Lord.

I am thankful for the past moderators who have paved the way as we stand on their shoulders to hold up the beacon light of witness as an association.

The support teams available to aid the associational churches are the department of Christian Education, Brotherhood, Woman’s Missionary, Young Women’s Missionary, Ushers, Music ministries and the Union of Churches. Workshops are available also to churches in the areas of Evangelism, Worship, Stewardship and Christian Education. Other newly formed arms to assist are the Spartanburg County Baptist Association School Ministry which will provide curriculum based classes with a certificate and the Spartanburg County Ministerial Alliance which will build relationships between clergy and the community.

The goal is to unite all churches, ministries of the Association, to serve this present age and build toward the future. We will make our services available to equip the churches in our Association to meet needs in their geographical areas of Spartanburg. It is the desire to fulfill the "great commission” issued to all of the body of Christ, to make disciples of Jesus Christ and fellowship as a body during given opportunities through the year to unite us as believers.

We will continue to support Benedict and Morris colleges, as well as other areas of ministry deemed necessary by the South Carolina Education and Missionary Convention who we support whole-heartedly.

The running theme for the Association will be “together we help each other". We are living in the last days and we should truly be about our Father's Business until he returns and the answer, I believe, is through collaborative efforts of the entire body of Christ working together for Kingdom building.

Together with God's help and willingness to serve, the Spartanburg County Baptist Association will continue to be a beacon in the community, state and nationally.

Thank you for visiting our webpage, and please contact us for further information or interest.

In Christian Service,
Horace Wilson, Jr.