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Moderator's Corner

Moderator's Corner

Caronavirus Information

Submitted on March 23, 2021 by Rev. Milfred Brock.

Greetings SCBA Family,
I just wanted to remind our spiritual community how important it is for us to stay abreast on the Corona virus pandemic.
For several days we have heard government health officials asking us to deter meetings of large gatherings, to stay home, and to take other protective measures. Below,  I am offering an additional list of help measures from our Director of Health and Wellness, Min. Dallas Conyers.
Please take these measures seriously, stay safe and healthy.
Moderator Brock
CORONAVIRUS and WHAT YOUR CHURCH CAN DO toSTOP THE SPREAD while still holding worship services and church events.
1. Announcements:
a. Ask everyone to thoroughly wash their hands AND faces after being in a large gathering.
b. Remind people to NOT touch their faces, especially eyes, nose, and mouth.
c. Soap and water is still best-  A 20 second hand scrubbing of palms backs of hands and fingernails.  

d. Hand sanitizer can still be given out by the greeters as people enter the sanctuary and or meeting. 
2. Maintenance:
a. Have all cleaning crews and volunteers be mindful of disinfecting door handles, railings, entry tables.
3. Remote Access (hosting meetings when people are not in the same room):
a. As much as possible meetings should be moved to a remote access platform.
i. Zoom is a face to face free app that can host up to 100 people at no charge, or up to 500 with an add-on.  It also allows screen sharing so you can still show presentations. 

1. Zoom has a call in option for those without smartphones. 

ii. Google hangout, google duo, Gotowebinar, and Houseparty are all app platforms that can be used to host meetings remotely in a face to face meeting interface.
4. Rescheduling:
a. Reschedule any large (non-mandatory) events while you can still save money.  

i. A time frame is purely theory, but I would not reschedule anything before May to allow the virus to both come and go.
5. What We Know About Coronavirus:
a. It has a high transmission range of three feet, but an extended range of six feet. 

b. The symptoms are fever, tiredness, respiratory distress (Cough) and muscle pain
i. So no eye irritation, runny nose, please do not be alarmed by people with allergies.
6. Best methods to protect yourself: 

a. Protecting your cell membrane is the most efficient way to repel virus’.
i. Hydration- A dry cracked cell membrane is highly susceptible to viral infection. 

ii. Drink 8 glasses of water.  JUICE WITH WATER ADDED DOES NOT COUNT!!!
iii. Vitamin C- helps maintain cell hydration- aside from citrus leafy greens also have vitamin C. 

iiii. REST- Your body repairs itself while you sleep.  Make an effort to sleep, so that your body can wipe out any invaders. 

b. Masks are only encouraged for those treating sick patients, or those who are actively sick.  However, it may put congregants at ease to receive one upon entering the sanctuary. 

As the climate patterns of the world change people will become more susceptible to pandemics due to the effort to keep a homeostatic bodily environment.  New bacterium and viruses are being released everyday due to melting sea ice and glaciers.  This will not be the last pandemic.  As such, beginning to have our houses of Worship ready for pandemics would aid us all. 

Check out this link from the World Health Organization on  myth busting the Coronavirus

From the desk of your Health &Wellness Director, SCBA
Rev. Dallas Conyers